Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon {Book}

Hello and welcome to my blog! This is the very first post and because I’m so excited for the movie Everything, Everything I thought I would tell you exactly why it’s worth watching… and reading. Before I go any furthur I definelty reccommend reading the book before seeing the movie when it comes out in May of 2017. Got it? Okay moving on. About a year ago I was looking through the books at target when the cover of Everything, Everything caught my eye. At first I didn’t know what to expect out of a book with such a crazy and vibrant cover, but once I opened it I knew I had to read it. The book is about a teenage girl named Maddy who is allergic to just about everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. As the story progresses we learn about how she lives her life having never been outside, but the story also teaches you about life and everything it has to offer. This is by far my favorite book… I’ve read it three times. it’s an easy book that you will probably be able to read in a day, but it definitely touches your heart. Now I’m going to go into more detail down below so DO NOT CONTINUE READING if you don’t want any spoilers!

This is a book that taught me so many things and gave me hope when I felt like I had none. I absolutely fell in love with the story of Maddy and Olly, the story of her finding herself and the way he helped her to do so. It was truly a story of doing anything for love, happiness, and freedom. Maddy fell in love with the boy next door, but she also fell in love with everything he represented. She saw a boy who had been hurt and torn down. She admired the way he went after what he wanted. Olly represented freedom. Maddy was a girl who was happy and content with what she had, but when he moved in she was reminded of everything she didn’t have. She was reminded of everything she was missing out on and everything she wanted. She wanted more than anything to just be able to go outside, to experience the world for herself and not just by looking at pictures on an internet screen. The ending totally SHOCKED me! I was not expecting it all. However, it made sense. Though we all fell in love the budding romance between our two main characters, no one loved Maddy more than her mother. She was willing to do anything to keep her daughter safe and while we all thought she was the overprotective mother, I certainly didn’t expect for her to go to such extereme lengths to protect Maddy. Did any of you? As for Olly and Maddy I want a sequel more than anything! So he found her book and as a reward he got to meet her at the book store. YAY! But… what happens next? Do they end up together? Do they get married? I think the author left it up to us to decide. She did such an amazing job of telling us who each character is, how they think, and the decisions they make that we can decide the ending for ourselves.

If you have any questions about the book feel free to contact me. The book is titled: Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. The movie comes out May 19, 2017 and will star Nick Robinson as Olly and Amandla Stenberg as Maddy. As I write more my posts will get better and hopefully you will be able to enjoy them if you didn’t find this one very satisfying. It would mean a lot to receive any feedback and if you’d like to talk about books or requests books to be reviewed just leave a comment. Thanks and I will write again soon. 


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