One Tree Hill (Televison) (Spoiler free)

IMG_0522Hello and welcome to second post. This is going to be a television recommendation for my personal favorite show: One Tree Hill. I’ll admit when I first thought about starting this show I thought it was just some stupid teenage drama. Man, I was wrong. I had seen (saw?) the show all over my instaram and finally decided to give it a shot. So while sitting in my room I pulled up Netflix on my tv and started the pilot episode. After that I was hoooked. By the end of the first episode I was so invested in the storyline I had to watch the next episode…and the next. BY the end of the first season I had fallen in love with teens of Tree Hill High, particularly Nathan Scott and Brooke Davis (my two favorite characters) and I was completely invested in the relationship of Nathan Scott and Haley James. Sure they had the classic Jock falls for the “nerd” thing going on but they were soooo much more than that. Watch the show and you will completely understand, but if you don’t that’s okay their relationship certainly isn’t for everybody. Aside from Nathan and Haley (Naley) there were other romantic couplings that had just about everyone hooked. What am I referring to? A love triangle of course. This particular one consisted of Brooke Davis, Peyton Sawyer, and Lucas Scott. Brooke was head cheerleader and well if I’m being completely honest, others thought of her as a slut. That’s not to say she didn’t go on to become one of the strongest and successful characters on the show because in all truth she left her high school self behind and moved on. Peyton Sawyer was the artsy and misunderstood girl who just wanted someone to stick by her, someone who would leave. Lucas Scott was the less popular Scott brother, he lived in the shadow of Nathan Scott, but that was just fine for him. Both girls fought over him and eventually friendships are torn apart (later to be put back together). In my opinion I don’t prefer him with either girl, all that happened when he was with one was that the other was hurt. Definitely not my kind of relationship. However both relationships appealed to a wide a fan base. Aside from all this relationship drama the heart of the show lies with the brothers. Nathan and Lucas Scott went to the same school as each other for all their lives, and yet they never spoke or interacted. They despised each other and it went back to their father Dan Scott. Truth be told he was not a good man, he abandoned Lucas and his mother only to start a new family, giving them anything they wanted. After season four the show does a time jump to focus on the main characters adult lives where we see heartbreak, betrayal, scandals, love, tragedies, and above all family. New characters are introduced after thee time jump as well as new relationships. 

Main Characters (pre time jump):

Lucas Scott: Main character seasons 1-6. Caring, athletic, and loving teenage boy who is faced with a tough decison: Finding out about the dad who abandoned him or never knowing.

Nathan Scott:  Maiin character seasons 1-9. Starts out as your typical jock who cares about only himself but eventually turns into a a man who would do anything to protect the ones he loves.

Haley James: Main character seasons 1-9. The best friend of Lucas who would do anything to help just about anyone. She extremely caring, intelligent, and kind but she’s also not afraid to go over after what she wants. And what she wants is Nathan Scott, the one person her best friend hates.

Brooke Davis: Main character seasons 1-9. She goes from your typical party girl to one of the most successful business women ever portrayed on television. She’s extremely driven and would go to any length to protect those she considers family. She’s independent and at the end of the day scared to love.

Peyton Sawyer: Main character seasons 1-6. An extremely talented artist who has abandonment issues and wants somebody that she can rely on. Personally she is not one of my favorites characters however she is without a doubt the strongest character on the show and she is a role model for so many. Peyton is very loving and fierce, she would put others happiness above her own.

Most Popular/Debateable Ships:

I’m trying not to spoil anything (which is hard) so there really isn’t a lot of detail provided for each relationship. Eventually I will write my opinion on them and that will include who ends up with who and how I feel about it. This si just to give you an idea of who you’re going to see together on screen, it doesn’t talk about who actually ends up together.

Naley: The relationship between Nathan Scott and Haley James. Definitely has the widest fan base and most people agree on their pairing. They share a very deep love and emotional connection.

Brucas: The relationship between Brooke Davis and Lucas Scott. The had their high points and their fair share of low points. Because I don’t want to spoil what happens between them I am just going to say they did love each other and lots of people love their relationship

Leyton: The relationship between Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer. They reall had the aspect of forbidden love and loved each other a lot. They were willing to set easier their own happiness for the others. (Sorry if this is vague but I don’t want to spoil!)

Brulian: The relationship between Brooke Davis and Julian Baker. Personally this is my second favorite (behind Naley of course). They are a very popular ship amongst the One Tree Hill fandom and appeal to those who just wanted Brooke to be happy.
My Favorites

Male Character: Nathan Scott

Female Chacter: Haley James

Relationship: Naley (Nathan and Haley)

Friendship: Haley and Brooke (Braley)

Season: Season Four ( the last season before the time jump)


This does not reveal much about the plot of the show but it does give you an idea of what you’re about to watch if you decide to start this 9 season series. Later on I will be doing another post that talks about everything (spoilers included) so you can check that out if you’ve watched the show. I just wanted to upload this one first. if you’ve heard the show is just a basketball drama I strongly recommend you tell whoever said that that they’re wrong. While the show does include basketball is uses the team and the games to portray different messages throughout the series. Above all this is a show about family.


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