Hello everyone! I’m not going to share my name, but I will say that I am a girl and I am absolutely in love with books, television, and movies. I live in a small town in California and this August I will start my freshmen year of high school. I’m so excited to write about… well whatever I want here on this website. I’ll try and write as often as I can and talk about as as many things as I find interesting. For books I will talk about the plot without giving away too much, characters, and whether or not I think it was good. For television and movies I will talk about pretty much the same thing. I really just wanted a place to be able to talk freely about my opinions. As I work on this blog more I will organize it better and hopefully my writing will improve. If you have any questions for me ¬†or would to request that I talk about something (Movie, tv show, book or etc.) check out the contact page and send me an email.